Defined as a response to the constant evolution of electrification weather areas. Today demanded not only protective equipment safely interrupt energy due to short circuit, we must add to this primary need the demand for electrical panels that are integrated in environments with high levels of salinity, temperature and corrosion responding to all premises and needs that arise in the switchboards in either modality.

Productos de Distribución de Potencia y Protección Eléctrica

  • Interruptores Termomagnéticos
  • Interruptores Diferenciales
  • Interruptores Horarios
  • Supresores de Picos
  • Interruptores en Caja Moldeada Tmax
  • Interruptores en Bastidor Abierto Emax
  • Interruptores de seguridad

Gabinetes y Tableros para el Sector Residencial, Terciario e Industrial.

  • Gabinetes modulares
  • Gabinete Gemini
  • Tablero de Alumbrado PROTECTA
  • Tablero ARTU Panel Board
  • Tableros ARTU
  • Gabintes SR + Interruptor Termomagnético

Range of Products

  • 1.- Power Distribution and Electrical Protection
  • 2.- Cabinets and Distribution Boards
  • 3.- Distribution Board Accessories
  • 4.- Control Products Gear
  • 5.- Productos Electrónicos y Relevadores
  • 6.- Power quality
  • 7.- Other products